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Are you one who has felt left out by church? Are you one who is looking to create a new kind of church, where unity isn't equated with uniformity, where no one believes they have the answer, where questioning the faith is considered healthy, where all are welcomed as if they were Christ? If so, join us at Interior Castle Ministries.

At the heart of the vision of ICM is that we’ll create a place, a “Third Place,” where anyone can drop in and experience a “home away from home,” meet old friends, make new acquaintances, build habits of public association, all accompanied by fresh, local, simple food and good drink at an affordable price. Here, too, they will find if they are so seeking, a community of others who desire to begin or continue a pilgrimmage to see God more clearly, love God more dearly and follow God more nearly, however that is defined for them.

While we’d like to be able to raise up such a bakery-café immediately, we realize that our journey from dreaming to doing is going to be a long one.

In 2013 most of the work was of the behind-the-scenes sort. A founding Board of Directors was formed. The dream—or more precisely, our understanding of the dream and how to articulate it to others—was refined. The church was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and registered with Guidestar—a clearinghouse for information on non-profit organizations. But we also hosted two local events, our Spring Beer&Bread campaign and a Fall Popup Coffeehouse.

As we enter 2014, we will continue to journey along the road from dreaming to doing, continuing to share our story through videos, and adding an emphasis on our public ministry.

Plans have already begun for a January concert by classical guitarist Zachary Grim, who wasn't able to play for our Fall Coffeehouse. In March we're planning to follow up on our first Beer&Bread campaign, bringing our second Brooznoll Brew and spent-grain bread to a local pub, where anyone can drop in and experience good fellowship served up alongside good beer and bread and local entertainment. And in May we hope to follow up on our first Fall Popup Coffeehouse with one in the Spring, once the weather begins to warm up.

We also believe it is time to plan for opening our first bakery, where people can purchase bread good enough to be called the staff of life.

So there is much work to be done. Not surprisingly, it will cost money. The founding Board has counted that cost; we've found it daunting but believe that with a bit of faith that cost can be met. It can be met because we believe that in travelling the road from dreaming to doing, a community of like-minded folk will join us. We believe that the folk of this community will work hand-in-hand with each other to meet the costs and more. And we believe that those who join us will find their faith strengthened and expanded as community develops.

But we don’t expect anyone to join us with a blind faith. If you are considering joining us, we believe that you should know our intentions; we've published both our program and financial goals for 2014 on our website. And you can check out our profile on Guidestar, where we have earned the Guidestar Exchange Bronze level logo.

Once our initial fundraising goal is met, we will activate our "stretch" goal, which is to fund the building of our first small bakery, perhaps in a small store-front, perhaps at local farmer’s markets. A good start towards building that bakery will cost about $10,000.

If you are one who is looking for a new kind of church, please help us build one by making a donation today.

Team Captain

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