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$23,961 raised of $25,000
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I Heart Glendale Arts 2013


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Elissa Glickman

No Art / No Heart

16 $3,115


Nina Crowe

Nina Ballerina

13 $1,115


Glendale Historical

The Glendale Historical Society Hearts Glendale Arts 2013

12 $980


Glendale Arts

2nd Annual I Heart Glendale Arts Campaign

11 $16,791


The Glendale Arts Admin Team

I Heart Glendale Arts 2013

9 $230


Advisory Board

GA Advisory Board 2013

3 $1,350


Matt Catingub

Glendale Pops & Artistic Director / Conductor Matt Catingub

2 $1,050


Patrick Karapetian

Patrick's Team

2 $250


Peter Ciulla

Pete Hearts Glendale Arts 2013

1 $1,000


Susan Jekarl

Artsy Fartsy

1 $100


Harry Hull

Harry's Helpers for the Arts

1 $25


History For Hire

Love Films, Love Glendale Arts

1 $100


Rick Lemmo

Great Glendale Pops Givers

1 $115


Laura Fremont

Pacific Studio for Dance

0 $0

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  • Gabriel Matta: Your help to Alex Theater is a big service to Glendale
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Ticket sales and other sources of earned income account for only 66% of our operating budget needs. In order to successfully continue to preserve and operate the Alex Theatre and to cultivate and promote the arts in Glendale, we must rely on the generous support of individuals like you.

I Heart Glendale Arts is a time for Glendale residents to come together to raise funds to support Glendale Arts.

By engaging Glendalians to support the arts, we can fulfill our mission to oversee and maintain the historic Alex Theatre, provide resources for artists and non-profit organizations and present quality programming like Glendale Pops.

Why should people care about the Arts?

The arts are fun, they nourish our souls and recharge our spirits, they brighten our horizons and make us see the world in new and exciting ways. The arts are economic generators; they build communities, support a variety of industries and rejuvenate urban environments.

In the City of Glendale, total arts and culture spending is more than $12.4 million a year - with over $5 million generated by arts organizations. Of that, $7 million is generated through audience related spending, roughly $30.00 per person.

Why should people support Glendale Arts?

Glendale Arts (GA) is one of the city’s leading non-profit institutions. GA was recognized in 2011 as the Glendale Chamber of Commerce’s Organization of the Year for its vast contributions to the community.

As the stewards of the historic Alex Theatre, GA has invested 10s of the 1000s of dollars in restoration and programming of the venue and offers community and non-profit groups rental discounts and assistance for a variety of programming and fundraising events.

In 2009, Glendale Arts launched the GA arts and community web site (www.GlendaleArts.org). Today, the site attracts more than 50,000 visits per month.

Glendale Arts further manages the GA Tickets program. GA Tickets is a safe, convenient way to buy and sell tickets for events, performances, benefits and much more. Managed and operated by Glendale Arts’ experienced box office team, GA Tickets offers 24/7 online sales, low service fees and social networking features. Clients include the Glendale Historical Society, Glendale Heathly Kids, the Museum of Neoon Art, the American Red Cross and the Stepping Stone Players.

In 2012, thanks to a generous grant from the Community Foundation of the Verdugos, GA opened a box office outlet at Glendale Community College. As a prt of this program, GA trains and uses student workers and provide ticket services for GCC dance, music and theatrical performances. Glendale Arts has had a ticket outlet at The Americana at Brand since 2009.

In 2011, Glendale Arts launched the Glendale Pops. Under the direction of GRAMMY Award winning arranger & musician Matt Catingub and with some of LA’s finest musicians, the premiere season includes such guest performers as Kenny Loggins, Dave Koz, David Benoit, Jo Dee Messina, Miles Mosley, Patti Austin & Monica Mancini and the Glendale Youth Chorus.

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Glendale Arts Glendale Arts

  1. Susan JekarlSusan Jekarl 05/08/2013 at 04:52 PM ET
    rah rah siss boom bah!