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We are fundraising to jump-start our scientific exploration, bringing together the industries of aerospace engineering and biology.


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As the Huskyhab Team we are a group of high school seniors who attend a public charter high school in Northern California. Through our school’s internship program and the mentorship of the Silicon Valley Space Center, we have an opportunity to do research and pursue a college level project. Our goal is to contribute to the current research which seeks to discover the optimal habitat in which tardigrades thrive. The money you contribute has the power to go beyond our project and be a contribution to the world of self-sustaining biomes in space.

In addition to covering the cost to access the software and equipment at the TechShop, we plan to spend the money we raise on lab supplies like petri dishes, cultures of Taridgrades, and their source of food (algae), 3D printing, habitat materials including Plexiglas, laser cutting supplies, and instruments to collect data and monitor the habitat for our tardigrades.

Tardigrades are microscopic animals that have the ability to survive in extreme conditions such as polar temperatures, vacuums, UV radiation from space, and boiling acid. They can withstand these normally deadly conditions by going into a state of latency, in which they lose 90% of their water mass and stop performing all basic functions of a living organism. These amazing creatures revive themselves with the smallest drop of water, repairing any damaged DNA faster than any geneticist has seen before.

We hope to raise the money needed to fund our project by early March. During our next Expeditions, we plan to order supplies and assemble our experiments. We are looking forward to urgenty recieving the funds we need to continue with our project! Click here to donate: . The funds will go directly to our project.

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