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Hospice for Infected & Homeless People


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This word is a fusion of the words APNI DUNIYA – meaning our home. APNI DUNIYA is an effort to put a progressive step further in our effort to reach out to those destitute women those are AIDS developed sex workers and Widows living with HIV, orphans infected/ affected with HIV & Cancer. SAI will do rehabilitation of 200 orphans, 50 destitute women and 50 old aged in this Apni Duniya by providing them a shelter, charitable hospice and a rehabilitation center.
• To develop a shelter for that destitute sex worker who have been thrown out of the brothels, & widows by their near –dear one due to sickness and are forced to live on the streets.
• To provide a charitable hospice services for chronically ill, aged, PLHA or those sex workers with HIV/AIDS & Cancer patients.
• To provide a rehabilitation and vocational training center for sex workers and widows infected with to provide them better opportunities and behavior change
• To provide health facilities to tribal people.
• Rehabilitating those who are strong enough in the mainstream of society

As per NACO estimates, India has nearly 0.64 million children below 14 years of age who are infected with HIV. Significantly, the number of children who have either one or both HIV positive parents or who have lost both their parents to HIV/AIDS is steadily increasing.

Secondly when parents are too sick to look after the children or when both parents are dead and the extended family refuses to accept the children. They need a safety net until they can be rehabilitated.

Though SAI's team is relentlessly trying to provide for this by accompanying patients to hospitals, negotiating and advocating care for HIV +ve patients, but still this is not enough. They fear that they might contract some crucial infection someday & have no relatives or family to look after. They trust SAI. They hope we will take care of them in their last days. But If SAI has no resources to provide them with this support then our foundation pillars that are Didi's (Didi means sister i.e . volunteer among sex workers) will they lose faith. Hence there is an urgent need to address this issue.

Kindly come forward and support for this cause.

Thank you & lots of love and hugs


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Aditya Deshpande Aditya Deshpande

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