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HopeMob 100 is the private team of donors that we have formed that will fully fund our 12 month operational budget of $300,000!


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From the day we built HopeMob, our goal has always been to give 100% of what we raise for people in need directly to those people. So far, we've held to this pledge by fulling funding 18 stories in just two months. To ensure that we are able to continue doing this, we are setting out on an ambitious path toraise our entire 12 month operating budget of $300,000 in the next 6 weeks.

This budget includes:

  1. Salaries for two full-time employees (Cause Coordinator & Lead Web Programmer)
  2. Salary for one part-time employee (Support Web Programmer)
  3. All of our monthly tech costs to operate HopeMob.org
  4. Lean travel and supply costs
  5. A little room to grow

HopeMob is an incredibly lean startup charity, but we pack a huge punch! While our budget for the next 12 months is just $300,000, we expect to raise 8-10 times that amount for stories from all over the world.

When a donor on our website, $1 for a story = $1 for a story.

However, when a donor gives to our operations, $1 for operations = $8 for people in need because we leverage your support to do so much more.

Team Captain

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