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A team to help the KIRBY MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH transfrom Paso El Credo in Guatemala by providing clean water, a school, and a church

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Seeking 2,000 $10.00 donations for the well project

Kirby Baptist Church has adopted the village Paso El Credo in Guatemala in an effort to provide clean water, a school, housing, fruit trees, clothes, shoes, medicine, food, animal stables and a church.

To accomplish this we will need raise approximately $90,000. Our first goal is to see that the people of Paso El Credo have clean drinking water. Their only source of water is a contaminated river. The first $20,000 will go to providing a well, water tank and 4 distributions locations that people can come to for clean water.

From our first trip to Guatemala, God had placed a burden on our hearts for the people there. We had a desire to find a village that our church could participate in a Total Village Transformation. During our second trip we were able to perform medical clinics seeing over 100 people each day and having a VBS at each location for the children. Each day we saw increasing poverty and lack of medical attention. The last two days were spent in Paso El Credo. We were informed that this village had been looked at by two or three other groups but no one wanted to work in this village. The conditions in this village are desperate without a source of clean drinking water, sanitation, witch craft and lack of education but felt God leading us there. The first day we gave out food and shared the gospel message. Many acknowledge never hearing this story before. The next day we took the medical team, held a shoe give away, and played games with the children. We were able to rescue a child from the village and send her to the hospital at Hope Of Life to receive medical attention. Our hearts were broken for the beautiful people of Paso El Credo and we have begun fund raising efforts to transform this village by providing clean water, medical attention, a school, housing, animal stables, food, clothing, and a church. We already have two trips scheduled for next year and plan to continue to return to Paso El Credo to see that clean water is provided, a school and church are built and most of all that they hear the message of Jesus Christ and His love for them.

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Mark Gallman Mark Gallman