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"Hope for Hearts" supports SAINT ELIZABETH GIRLS ACADEMYFOUNDATION. Education and skill training to empower more than 200 girls in 2013-14.


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Cristen Jacobsen

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Our goal is $48,000 to support the 200 girls living at St. Elizabeth's Girls' Academy for the 2013-14 year. Once we nail that goal - and I know we will - the capital campaign takes over. We plan to purchase land, build a new campus and engage in profit-center programs that lead the girls to an independent lifestyle. When we get there, more than 1,000 girls a year will be on the path to self-sufficiancy. This is something we teach the girls daily.

The big pie in the sky goal is $4.5 Million. No matter how large or small, your donation impacts the girls directly. Every bit counts when you are donating to provide an education to those willing to work hard and earn their stripes.

We appreciate you support through donation and word of mouth.


Peace & Love,


Team Captain

Cristen Jacobsen Cristen Jacobsen

I started Hope for Hearts because I want every girl to have a chance at an education and become self-reliant.