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A Stonecreek Church Mission Team with the purpose of extending Jesus' life and love to Hope for Guatemala in Zone 18, Guatemala City.


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Allison McCreary

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From October 22-27, 2012, our team will travel to Guatemala City to work with Stonecreek's partner in ministry, Hope for Guatemala.

Our mission while in Zone 18 these five days will be to provide food, education, love and kindness to the children and families living in the extremely dangerous Zone 18 of Guatemala City.

By sponsoring our team with a donation you will help fund the programs of Hope for Guatemala along with the logistics side of the trip. Some of the areas where your funds will go include:

• $35 will help pay for the uniform for one child to go to public school.

• $50 will help pay for a child's schoolbooks for the year.

• $75 will help pay for a child's schoolbooks AND all supplies for a year.

• $100 will support the ministry's medical clinic for a month.

Visit www.hope4guatemala.org to learn more about Hope for Guatemala.

Team Captain

Jason Howard Jason Howard

Extend the life, love and hope of Christ to those in need.