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Raising money to help our country's forgotten children and seniors who deserve so much more.

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Please help us raise money for foster children. Foster children are so often forgotten and invisible to the majority of society. They, through no fault of their own, are left with no home, no personal possessions, no family. Having lost their family, have they not become our children?

The monies that we raise will be used for the new UNTIL Comunity, Bikes and Trikes, and other initiatives of UNTIL for foster children and seniors. Last year we donated over 110 bikes to foster children and this year we hope to donate over 300 bikes. Through the gift of a bike, the children are able to learn pride in ownership. In many cases, this bike is the only possession that they can truly call their own.

In addition, these funds will help us establish a new community for foster children as well as elderly adults. This community will be unique. Multiple generations will live within the community. Seniors will act as grandparents and mentors for the children, as well as additional support for the foster families. The children will learn about community, responsibility, and giving back. They will have a place to call home where they are not just guests.

Help us make a difference in the lives of so many children and seniors.

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