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The Hoffen Foundation Bike Team helps the HOFFEN FOUNDATION raise funds to support hospital programs for local children's hospitals.


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Tim Zemens

Tim Zemens

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Judy Zemens

Judy's Hospital Cart Fundraising/Tour De Judy

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Denise Dixon

peddling for progress to wipe out cancer

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Matthew Hare

Bike Team Helping Childhood Cancer

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Ginger Keys

Cycling to help fight kids' cancer

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The Hoffen Foundation Bike Team/Club was formed to introduce the Hoffen Foundation to bicyclists throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area. The bike team rides as a group socially at local and some out of town rides. The bike team has also adopted a popular stretch of NW Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington to provide a clean and safe environment for walkers, runners and bicyclists. The team has decided to support the Foundation more by taking on a project to raise money for programs the Hoffen Foundation does with area children's hospitals. Over the years the Foundation, has donated a table hockey game to a hospital's Teen Room, snacks for a neo-nadal intensive care waiting room, toiletries and over-night items for parents and kids arriving at the hospitals in emergencies, and our proudest endeavor, a device used to calm patients during procedures that includes simulation for all the senses and uses this to relax patients and is fondly referred to as the "Rover".

Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 to be used at a local children's hospital for our latest project: Providing and Maintaining A Hospiality Cart. We have been contacted by a local children's hospital with a request to provide the following on a continual basis. The goal of the cart is to provide essentials and amenities to families. The cart will be manned by volunteers who will visit each floor of the hospital. The cart will be filled with such items such as:

  • Toiletries such as combs, brushes, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, razors, shampoo, etc.
  • Snacks such as gum, mints, crackers and cookie packs
  • Staionery: notepads, birthday cards, thank you notes, pens, pencils, and markers
  • Other amenity items like sewing kits, blankets, pillows, socks, magazines, playing cards, etc.
  • Other items include laundry detergent, sippy cups, contact cases. earbuds, etc.

Providing these items makes the parents and families more comfortable, relieves stress and allows them to remain where they want to be -- at their child's bedside.

The goals of the members of the bike team/club, and any others who wish to help with this endevour, is to solicitate donations to help us accomplish our goals of this worth while project.

Team Captain

Tim Zemens Tim Zemens

  1. Tim ZemensTim Zemens 07/17/2016 at 10:48 AM ET
    WE are in the last week of the fundraiser. Please post on your facebook pages a couple more times this week. I have been sucessful in sending out personal emails to friends and family and by not utilizing facebook as my only source for requesting help. Let's get a final push going!
  2. Tim ZemensTim Zemens 06/26/2016 at 02:07 PM ET
    We are at 10% of our goal. Great job everyone. Now is the time to push this out again and get people involved.. let's see how much good we can do!!!!!