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"HLHS CourageChallenge" is a Hearts4Harrison team to sponsor ongoing research at MAYO CLINIC that is focused on the inspiration of HLHS kids

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The short message:

To contribute directly to this team effort, please check out the individual pages linked above and read their individual stories. You can contribute to the cause through any of these pages.

To contribute to the fundraising efforts, click on the green box to the right "fundraise" to set-up your own pledge page. This will allow you to send and share with your family and friends to raise funds for this team effort. Set your target and contribute to the team goal.

The full story:

Hearts4Harrison is a dedicated team of family, friends, physicians, scientists, researchers, and community members that have been inspired by the courage, hope, and vision of one remarkable little boy. This boy had been dealt a fortuitous diagnosis of 1/2 a heart before he was even born, yet he proved that even 1/2 of his heart was stronger than anyone would have expected. The memory of his bigger-than-life personality and continuous encouragement in the face of the unthinkable has fueled an inspirational movement for kids, moms, dads, families, and health care providers to dream big, to ask questions, to seek answers, to support innovation, and to never give up hope.

This passionate team is raising awareness for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and the hope of tomorrow. The team aims to further engage families, friends, and medical/scientific team members to support ongoing research efforts.

The proceeds for this effort will be directed to Mayo Clinic that has a unique program for Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome. The stated mission of this program is to delay or prevent heart transplantation for children with HLHS. The team is working to provide stem cell-based clinical trials that could strengthen the heart muscle for these children with 1/2 heart. Hearts4harrison has been engaged in these activities from the beginning and hope this activity can do our small part in moving these efforts forward.

This activity aims to raise awareness for HLHSers and includes:

1- Raising money to support the HLHS program at Mayo Clinic by engaging our family and friends that have been touched by this congenital heart disease.

2- HLHS CourageChallenge- We hope to participate as a group in a planned educational and participant engagement event at Mayo Clinic on Oct 5th, 2013. Our CourageChallenge involving research participates and patients will be present to show our support and help engage others to participate in the research activities at Mayo.

There is nothing more inspiring to meet a child with HLHS and witness their courage at all stages of their journey. By being involved, everyone has the opportunity to be inspired by these remarkable families and learn from their courage, of which is on display everyday. Congenital heart disease and hypoplastic left heart kids make us believe in what can be possible with the right partners.

Please join the journey- Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks and months.

Team Captain

Hearts4Harrison _ Hearts4Harrison _

Remember, inspire, and sponsor HLHS research at Mayo Clinic

  1. James and Ethan _James and... 05/12/2013 at 09:29 AM ET
    Great Job team.
  2. Hearts4Harrison _... 05/10/2013 at 07:32 PM ET
    Let's build the team members and plan to spread the message beyond the team by the third week of May.
  3. Tim NelsonTim Nelson 05/04/2013 at 11:25 PM ET
    It all started on May 5th... And then grew into something unforgettable.