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$15,150 raised of $75,000
($11,340 online, $3,810 offline)

"Gears for Good 2014" raises funds for HFA's Helping Hands program which assists people living with a bleeding disorder.


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The Boutin Family

Team BBB - Boutin Biking Bums

$4,540 31


Diane Lima

Board of Directors Team

$2,280 6


Kimberly & Howie Haugstad

Haugstad Family

$1,926 24


Maryann May

wheels in motion for hemophilia

$1,925 11


Ann-Grete Tan

Team Arvid

$1,600 15


Kimberly Philo

2014 Team Philo

$1,450 8


Mandy McCullough

Simsbury Spinners

$1,155 5


Laura Glufling-Tham

Team Tham

$1,005 6


Caroline Lattanzi

Simsbury Spinners Caroline Lattanzi

$1,000 14


Vaughn Ripley

Team Easy Bleeder

$926 20


Sandy Williams

Sandy Williams

$575 5


Diane Lima

Diane Lima

$455 7


HFA Gears for Good Bike Ride

Diane Lima

$0 0


Dan McKinley

Dan McKinley

$0 0

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Gears for Good is an annual charity bike ride to raise funds to support HFA's Helping Hands program.

The Helping Hands program assits people living with a bleeding disorder who are going through temporary financial crisis for reasons related to their medical condition.

Anyone living with a bleeding disorder can find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Chronic conditions like hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease affect families not only physically and emotionally, but also financially.

The financial ramifications of living with a bleeding disorders go much further than just paying for medical care: it's paying for gas to get to clinic for appointments, shelling out for parking fees and buying meals on the go and toys to keep the little ones entertained during the course of appointments. Medical debt doesn't only happen because of the high cost of medication. At times, people living with a bleeding disorder miss work days due to lengthy hospital stays or resting a painful bleed at home. These missed days of work can accumulate and this may turn into less pay or job loss.

Thank you for helping HFA help others! We are all in this together!

Team Captain

HFA Gears for Good Bike Ride HFA Gears for Good Bike Ride

Funds raised will go to HFA's Helping Hands Program to assist people living with a bleeding disorder