Hey Cancer...Hear Me Roar


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"Hey Cancer...Hear Me Roar" a team to help the CANCER FERTILITY HOPE PROJECT to create families and save future babies for cancer patients!


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Cancer Fertility Hope Project, a 501(c)3, will lead a grass roots national movement to foster a change around the overlooked issue of fertility for women with cancer and offering support and hope of future motherhood. Since being diagnosed with cancer myself and enduring the fight for my life I know firsthand what living beyond cancer is like. For me these last 5 months in cancer recovery left me with more than physical healing to deal with. I am personally facing the cancer/fertility challenge,that I am fighting for wholeheartedly for others, to have a child or lose the chance due to my cancer treatment. This is definitely a life changing decision that will impact the rest of my life and my loved ones. My hope is that my cancer journey as a whole can be leveraged by the medical community, insurance companies, and legislative to invoke the spirit of change. A change in how preserving fertility is handled financially since it is uninsured and to improve the communication of this topic between patient and physician. I know it will take a village to help get the ball rolling. I hope that you have been moved by this email to join me and raise your torch to help light the way of hope for women to come.

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