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With your help, we can begin realizing equality for all Arizonans.


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HERO – Human & Equal Rights Organizers – works to engage Arizonans in conversations surrounding equality. HERO’s Equality Walk, one of our most successful programs, fought for – and won– Marriage Equality in Arizona. Equality Walkers walked one mile for every year Arizona has been a state without full equality. Since 2008, Walkers walked nearly 700 miles through the Arizona summer desert; visited 114 cities – meeting with civic and faith leaders – sparking thousands of conversations about equality.

Those miles mattered! Those conversations created change!

HERO is harnessing the momentum of Marriage Equality and all those miles walked to launch a new program to create change and advance equality in our own hometowns: The HERO Academy.

The HERO Academy offers equality-focused trainings to communities across Arizona:

Professional Track[1]: police officers, first responders, professional agencies, business leaders, education administrators (Thursday-Friday)

Community Track: community members, non-profit organizations, civic and faith leaders (Saturday-Sunday)

Trainings Offered

LGBTQ 101 Cultural Competency. HERO’s LGBTQ 101 is AZPOST*-qualified for CEU for Arizona peace officers. To date, HERO has trained more than 500 police officers, first responders and U.S. border patrol agents.

Beyond 101: Rights & Protections LGBTQ Arizonans Lack Beyond Marriage. Arizona is one of 29 states where folks can be fired simply because of who they are. HERO works with decision makers and civic leaders to help craft understanding and policies of inclusion.

With your help, we can begin realizing equality for all Arizonans. All of HERO’s trainings are free of charge to the community and are facilitated by trained volunteers.

HERO will continue our history of training and education throughout Arizona with the HERO Academy. In 2015, there will be 4 regional HERO Academies throughout the state of Arizona, our outcome goals are:

  • 1,000 trained in LGBTQ 101 Cultural Competency including police, fire, schools, hospitals, behavioral health and more!
  • 250 community members trained in Advocacy

[1] *Arizona Peace Officer Standards Training (AZPOST) provides ongoing training to all peace officers and law enforcement agencies across the state. HERO’s LGBTQ 101 is the only LGBTQ-focused cultural competency workshop qualified by AZPOST for continuing education units.

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