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Friends! Talented boys and girls with Bucha's school self-dependence for disabled children need your help. Thanks for your part and support


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Talented boys and girls with Bucha's "school self-dependence" for disabled children need your help.

Help to raise $ 4 980 to smooth the effective work of the section of extracurricular work with disabled children to master skills at the health care, self-service, self-actualization. We plan to raise funds for:

Ø art studio equipment;

Ø expensive materials used for sewing and art workshops, office supplies

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Many thanks for your large heart and generosity!

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Rustam Beknazarov Rustam Beknazarov

  1. Rustam BeknazarovRustam... 05/30/2011 at 03:04 AM ET
    Help young - I like It! It makes me feel healthier and younger. Join us!