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1. I served my country for 15 years in the United States Marine corps and now I am disabled.


2. I have had seven back operations since 2007. I have had two laminectomies and a lower lumbar fusion where 3 discs were removed and fused together. I have a pain stimulator in my back that I have had to implanted 3 times. The cost's of these surgeries has amounted to $32,000 that I have had to put on credit cards.


3. I was divorced 10 years ago right before all this happened so I had to deplete what I had in my 401 retirement as part of my settlement so I have nothing to take from there. I have refinanced my house to the max to try to offset my bills but now owe $115,000 on my home.


4. I also was diagnosed with skin cancer two years ago and I have to got for treatments on areas of my body that require it.


5. I spend over $4,000 a year on co-pays for prescriptions. I have to take everything from pain medication to cancer treatment medication and it has become over-whelming.


6. Finally, I am a single father of a beautiful sixteen year-old son who lives with me all the time.

He is a straight-A High-honor student and always has been. I am so scared that I have already taken away his childhood by not being able to do anything for him. He just turned 16 and I cannot even buy him the car he deserves.

I have know idea how I will pay for his college.

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