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Raising money for the Ponheary Ly Founcation, which supports teachers at rural schools in Cambodia


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In July this year, Louise, Steph and Alicia are travelling to Cambodia to volunteer their time teaching students and assisting Khmer teachers at the Tchey school in rural Cambodia. This school is funded and supported by the Ponheary Ly Foundation.

The Ponheary Ly Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the USA. Their goal is to locate and serve the many children in Cambodia who live in the poorest rural villages and do not have access to equitable educational opportunities.

As preservice teachers ourselves, we are passionate about raising funds to support the Khmer teachers. Teachers currently make around $40 a month; a low salary for Cambodia and certainly not enough to get by on. To make up for this low salary, students must pay the teachers a fee to attend class, leaving the poorest students unable to afford an education.

To overcome this system which fuels educational and therefore economic inequality, the Ponheary Ly Foundation pays teachers a stipend so that they can receive a decent salary without charging students. By donating to this cause, you are also funding teaching supplies, training and continuing education classes to improve the quality of the teaching instruction.

The Ponheary Ly Foundation relies solely on private donations and support. Regardless of the resources and facilities of a school, without teachers learning can not occur.

Please dig deep to help the Ponheary Ly Foundation support the teachers!

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Louise, Steph and Alicia Louise, Steph and Alicia