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Helpfully... Italian non profit association with the aim of job creation and environmental conditions in development countries


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Helpfully is an Italian no profit association, involved in social issues and focused above all on initiatives for developing countries. Three friends with different background and with a common point of view founded the Helpfully Association. In the belief that the humanitarian side and social welfare are values that need to be protected, promoted and enhanced, in fact, nowadays all projects are carried out with the cooperation of the local Partners. Helpfully will continue to encourage and support the activities addressing its efforts to create a new deeper attitude to help local Community.

The world economic crisis brought the three Founders to meet again each other and share ideas to face the actual situation; the final decision was to help someone in need.

Helpfully Association aims to create jobs in developing countries. At the moment its focus is on Mozambique, following to the experience gained there with the local population.

As you can see from our projects, we are involved in different sector looking into a positive way: from nothing it’s possible to create something good for the others.

Today Helpfully is hardly working in Mozambique, which is a country where just the foreigner is earning from the chance inside the land. Helpfully proposes itself to give the possibility for the local population to get a chance to have a better and healthy life.

Partnerships are selected from local associations, aimed to release new opportunities in order to help less lucky people.


- Rossella Roberti, Psychologist, HR Consultant, 7 years experience in Head Hunting/Executive Search, Business Networking, Technical Recruiting and Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Career Counselling, Talent Management and Organizational Design. Worked for national and international consultancy firms as well as listed companies. She is fluent in English and Spanish, good in French and basic in Portuguese.

- Daniel Graubardt studied Economics and Finance at the University of Parma and Universidade Portucalense Porto; Daniel has 7 years of experience in financial markets in an international bank, 2 years independent advisor in complex financial operations, development countries cooperation experience, missions in Sub-Saharian Africa (Mozambique). He speaks fluent four languages (Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish), good in German and French. He holds also a Master in Banking.

- Ernesto Savino studied Economics and Finance at the University of Parma with different exchange programs. Ernesto has several years of experience in consulting and accounting in various sectors (Energy, Telecommunications) in Italy and UK. He speaks fluent Italian and English.

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Rossella Roberti Rossella Roberti