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It has been our hope that you would want to do the same for someone you care about. We all know that Cancer is a deadly disease, which is increasing every hour, I know far too many people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Chances are you know them too. That’s why I’m taking action. I now have a much closer view of this devastating class of disease. On 4/22/2013, my wife Wanda was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer (non small cell adenocarcinoma). It has infiltrated her lungs. Needless to say we're shocked, shaken, and deeply affected by the diagnosis, when we were told she would only have six months to live. We've been going along in our lives quite comfortably. Our three children are grown. We were enjoying finally being a couple again. And now our lives have changed drastically in a moment.

The blessing and a miracle from God, is the tumor they found on her brain after removing it was found to be benign. With that we have this gift of time, now been extended to five years; time to make decisions about what is important to us, our family and our friends. Time for practical things in our life, like taking care of ourselves and each other. Time to choose to live each day to its fullest. This diagnosis has brought life vividly into focus and a different perspective. Still believing God will continue to heal her completely.
Cancer does not rest, and doesn't sleep at the end of the day. It doesn't flee the cold for warm weather during school vacation. Cancer is relentless, showing no favorites and taking no prisoners. Wealthy or poor, educated or illiterate, young or old, it doesn't discriminate. Cancer has no friends, no allies, and no comrades. It doesn't need any. It does its damage on its own. It is its own army. It is insidious, creeping into the lives of everyone, leaving a path of destruction and tragedy in its wake. It is this tragedy that we have experienced and one that we live with every day. But out of tragedy can come inspiration, can be a testimony to God’s healing power. It can harvest acts, and deeds, and abilities beyond ones expectations. Throughout Wanda's battle she has grown closer to God, more determined, more dedicated, more focused, and wishes to beat her disease.
If any of you have experienced this with a loved one you'll understand how expensive cancer treatment can be with hospitalization, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and prescriptions even with co-pay. The bills for our portion owed have already started coming in. Wanda was working full time before this Cancer attacked her body. Now she is on disability, getting 60% of her check, and out of that, we have to pay her insurance premiums out of pocket to keep her covered for treatments. In addition to that we still have to maintain our normal monthly housing costs. What we had saved has been used up fighting this disease.

Please join us by making a difference in the fight against cancer. Yes, these economic times are difficult for us all but remember, cancer takes no rest, no vacation, needs no help, and is not slowed by the economy. Every bit helps, even if all you can do is $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more. Some of you may attend a church where the pastor will allow a love offering to be taken to Help Wanda Beat this Cancer disease.
We would sincerely appreciate your generous help towards this noble cause. We thank you in advance for your understanding for our request, your kindness, generosity and prayers. God bless you all

Alan and Wanda Carr

PS: We'd like to ask one more favor. It would be so wonderful if you would solicit other friends or family members. By sharing this link
It won't cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time. Key to us making this successful is by spreading the need to many people as possible.

We are still in need of your financial support, donations can be done here online secured. Or if you prefer Anonymously Financial contributions also can be done can be made at ANY Bank of America branch in account name Wanda Carr Cancer fund, Wanda and Alan Carr, Cartersville, GA. Account #334038017414 or ANY Regions Bank in the name of HELP WANDA CARR BEAT CANCER Alan or Wanda Carr Cartersville, GA ACCOUNT# 0180319637

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