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Help us Retain Our Children... Building a children's Playground


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Our team consists of members of the 7th day Adventist Church, Phoenix, island of Mauritius who have observed and have anticipated the outflow of young to the outside where bad influences are many. We want our children to love experiences of our church where spiritual and moral values are taught, so that we can retain them. We want our children to feel that the Church environment is one that makes them happy and remind them of happy life experiences. Once they are happy and grow in that environment, they'l surely stay.

One thing that i loved when i was a kid was to love the children's playground where kids could have fun. Now thay playground no longer exists.

The construction of a children's playground in the church yard surely will allow kids to love coming to church, if it is not the only means of retaining our youth, it may be one of the reasons.

Retaining children in church will allow for them to be educated about spiritual and moral values throughout their growth, for them to be better citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Thanking all donators, May God Bless You All. If my intention is good and the purpose of this project is worthwhile then God Will provide the necessary funds to this project, I do not have any doubt about that.

Team Captain

Satyam Goness Satyam Goness