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Meet Najjemba. Najjemba is a 12-year-old student at the St. Lawrence School in Migyera, Uganda. Her education and dormitory fees are sponsored by a family in New Jersey through ChangeALife Uganda.
Migyera is an arid rural village in central Uganda with no access to clean running water. At ChangeALifeUganda, we’ve been working to change that. With the help of donors like you, we are very close to making clean water a reality for the children and families of Migyera. Access to clean water is integral to our mission of enhancing the lives of children and families through education, health-care and family income-generating programs.
What would access to clean water mean to Najjemba and the other 55 girls in her dorm? A better night’s sleep and eliminating health concerns related to water and sanitation.
What do sleep and access to water have to do with each other? Well, our students do not have access to clean running water or indoor lavatories. This means either unsafe, scary trips in the dark to the outdoor pit latrine or improvised solutions like unsanitary buckets kept under the bed. It also means no sips of water to soothe a coughing or thirsty student. No easy access to personal or menstrual hygiene and hand washing opportunities. These conditions lead to health issues like urinary tract infections, diarrhea, parasitic worms and typhoid and make getting a good night’s sleep challenging. All of the issues related to clean water and sanitation ultimately affect the girls' ability to excel in school.
Access to water will help improve Najjemba and her fellow students' health and daily living conditions. We are so close. We have drilled the well and built the water tower. We need to raise a final $12,000 to connect them and complete the project.
In Migyera, the new school year starts in February 2014. Imagine how excited Najjemba and her fellow students will be if they can turn on the faucet, use indoor plumbing and shower for the very first time.

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