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In September 2011 Chris had a hernia surgery. As time went on instead of feeling better he started to feel more pain and discomfort. After some research he discovered that the mesh used in a hernia surgery sometimes causes problems. He decided to have the mesh removed. On September 20th 2012 he went in for surgery. Unfortunately he had a rare complication where he experienced internal bleeding resulting in a hematoma (a mass that developed from the bleeding). He was then hospitalized for three days in critical care (this alone cost over $35,000) and has since been slowly recuperating. At this time he is only able to get up to take care of basic needs and is in bed most of the time because of intense pain. He is not able to currently work or pay for all of the medical expenses; he was unemployed and did not have insurance. We are asking family and friends to consider helping Chris by making a donation. As you can imagine financial concerns are a huge burden for him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please pass this link along to other family and friends. Thank you.

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