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"Superhero Summer!" A team of summer student volunteers helping our San Diego students with learning disabilities succeed!

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Our mission is to make a life-long impact on students with learning challenges, such as Autism, ADD/HD, Dyslexia, and other issues that interfere with learning, to become successful learners, in school and life. Our unique approach has helped hundreds of students overcome their learning challenges, and in fact, even correct them!

Banyan Tree Foundations Academy and Learning Center program provides intensive remediation to help students overcome their learning, social, and emotional challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, to find success in school and in life. Our facility needs to relocate and we need YOUR help to make this move, to continue serving our community, and expand our services to help more students!

Banyan Tree Foundations Academy is only 1 out of 2 nonpublic schools in San Diego County whose intensive program is specifically designed to help transition students back into public schools or choice of alternative educational environments. (Check out our parent and student testimonial on YouTube or click on our videos. Have tissue handy when watching the parent testimonial!)

Banyan Tree Learning Center provides the same intensive intervention before and after school to overcome and correct learning disabilities. We discover the underlying causes of the learning struggles, strengthen those areas, and teach student HOW they learn best.

Help us fundraise for our cause by sharing this link, or contact us to help you plan a fundraiser to support our cause! Contact Myra at 858-367-5428 for more information.

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To make a LIFELONG IMPACT on children with learning disabilities to become successful learner in school & life