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"Hans On Wheels" a team to help the CAMBODIA EDUCATION FUND support Cambodians with disabilities and disadvantages.

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Hi, thanks for visiting our page. Through Razoo, you can contribute to our fundraising goal of US$300,000.

The money will be used to help Cambodians with disabilities and disadvantaged people. Priorities such as transportation services, health and rehabilitation interventions, educational scholarships, and vocational training will supported through this campaign, bringing much needed resources to the battle for inclusion.

Hans de Block will be cycling from Siem Reap, Cambodia and across Asia, Middle East and Europe. Departing on 1 May and aiming to arrive in London UK in September 2016.

During his time in Siem Reap, a little over a year, Hans has been teaching yoga to people with limited mobility.

‘Doing yoga with people with limited physical mobility has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life,’ Hans explains. ‘I want to carry on giving them a helping hand even if I cannot be with them. Being poor is challenging enough without the additional burden of a disability. The $300,000 fundraising goal will be used to kickstart programmes to allow persons with disabilities in Siem Reap to live the dignified life they deserve.’

The organizations benefiting from this fundraising campaign are Cambodia Education Fund, Khmer for Khmer Organisation,Safe Haven Medical Outreach and Samathapheap Khmer, Stay connected with ‘Hans On Wheels’

website: http://www.hansonwheels.org

email: info@hansonwheels.org

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hansonwheels

twitter: http://twitter.com/hansonwheels

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Generate opportunities for Cambodians with disabilities