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A service learning project to help KHADARLIS FOR SIERRA LEONE raise money for restoring and building wells, and needs assessment research.


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Khadarlis: Who We Are

Khadarlis is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to working with communities, children, and families to alleviate poverty and social inequality worldwide. Our organization works through strategic partnerships and applies advocacy, catalytic assistance, innovation, participatory and right-based approaches to development work. We work by promoting civic empowerment, self-help, and self-sufficiency for economic and sustainable development. Our past projects have included community empowerment through building and sustaining wells, local community centers and schools, as well as supplementing medical supplies to peripheral health units.

Service Learning

Khadarlis partners with several colleges in RI including RIC, Brown, Bryant, CCRI, JWU, and PC through service learning projects. The purpose of this is to transcend what is learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world.

Project "Hands for Hope"


Our team is comprised of several college students from various colleges in RI. The mission of our service learning project is to raise awareness and money to ultimately travel to Sierra Leone in order to participate in the restoration process, specifically well building and restoration, and to conduct needs assesment research regarding physical and mental health.

Physical and Mental Health

Since the end of the Civil War in 2002, Sierra Leone has been struggling though a restoration process. Only few people in Sierra Leone have access to adequate medical care. For some people from rural areas the next doctor or hospital is out of reach even though free health care might be provided there. Considering that diseases such as HIV/AIDS, yellow fever, cholera, lassa fever and meningitis are of epidemic proportions and many citizens and children were left with bodily mutilations being victims of war crimes, the need for adequate health care couldn't be greater.

Additionally, many citizens and children were forced to fight and take part in the atrocities of the war. This left them traumatised with an estimated 400,000 people (by 2009) being mentally ill. Thousands of former child soldiers have fallen into substance abuse as a means of self medication. Neurological health care is still not a service offered in the country five years after the Civil War ended in 2002. Mental healthcare in the country is almost non-existing with many patients trying to cure themselves with the help of traditional healers.

For this reason we seek to conduct needs assessment research, specifically regarding physical and mental health in order to create an awareness and provide fundamental information needed to alleviate this problem.


Through research we know that when a well is installed for a village: children return to school, women begin small businesses, men are no longer too sick to work, fields are watered, food supply becomes more reliable, health returns, and children grow up to be productive members of their community. The cycle of poverty is broken and lives change.

The average total project costs as of 12/1/2012:

  • Well Restoration: $3,500-$5,000
  • Spring Catchment/ Protection: $6,500
  • Community Sized Water Projects: $7,000-$10,000
  • Wells for Schools and Medical Clinics: $19,000-$30,000
Factors include water depth, rock formation, distance from drilling HQ, and other considerations, meaning that no two wells are ever the same.

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