Haiti Trip, June 11-18

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In partnership with Calvary Community, Conejo Church and Hope Outreach International, a team of 5 will be going to serve in Haiti.


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As most of you are aware, the earthquake that hit Haiti last January claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, devastated countless homes and churches, and further crippled a nation that was already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Staggering need is everywhere and the work to rebuild this nation seems insurmountable in many ways. Yet we follow a God who loves to bring restoration and who invites us to join in that process. This trip is all about that!

Here's a few ways we plan to help:


Some of our team (Butch and Nick) will primarily be working in Lamothe to complete a water reservoir, purification and distribution system that will provide clean drinking water to this community of 7,000 . Doctors that worked in Lamothe last year stated that over 50% of the illnesses they treated were water-related. The filtration system that our team will help install will greatly impact the overall health of this community!

Alongside the students of a discipleship program (below), our team will also be going out to a few surrounding communities effected by the cholera epidemic to distribute small water filters, pray for the sick, and share about our love for Jesus.


We (Rob, Rex, Shaun) will also be engaging students at a discipleship school recently established by Pastor Julio Volcy of Hope Outreach International. We will be leading the week of teaching on Bibilical leadership principles, mentoring, healing, recovery from addiction, and living in a reality of worship. This is an awesome chance to invest into the lives of future leaders of Haiti!

We ask that you would please pray, consistently and boldly. It is with our hearts pointed to God that mountains will be moved, people will drink of living water and even plane tickets will be paid for. We are also inviting people to partner with us through financial donations. The costs are minimal to serve the people, but still more than we each have. We each need to raise $1,300 for the cost of the trip.

If you would consider supporting this trip, you can make your donation securely online using this form. Please note that all donations are non-refundable even if the individual you are supporting has to cancel for any reason. If you have a tax related question about your contribution email contributions@calvarycc.org.

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