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Haiti Mission Team 2015 (New Hope UMC and FaithPoint UMC)

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A team of missionaries sharing God's Love with the people of Haiti


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I have always had a passion for helping people. In 2013 I was able to go to Haiti with my church mission team. It was a life changing and humbling experience. We helped put a roof on a church that was being built, as well as moved gravel down the road to level out the road main road and shoulder. We taught some of the local boys how to make friendship bracelets, and they taught us how to speak Creole. Last April I had the chance to go to Haiti for a second time, where we worked on the mission house, planted seeds with the local farmers and educated the village people about the importance of clean drinking water - then handed out filtration buckets. This year my church mission team is taking another trip to Haiti, at first I wasn't sure if I would be able to go. This year has a lot of exciting things in store, with my first niece on the way and finishing my associates degree and transferring to a university to continue on to my bachelors degree. I thought there would be too much to do and no time to raise money or take a week away for Haiti. After a lot of thinking I realized that this is one of my callings...I want to go on mission trips and help people in need, not just to Haiti but all around the world. I have realized that one week away from my life is nothing when I think about how that one week could change the lives of the many people I will meet on a mission trip. I am hosting this donation page to hopefully raise enough to cover the cost of this trip, if I do not reach the goal the money will still go to the New Hope Mission team. Thank you all in advance, even if you are unable to donate money your payers are greatly appreciated!

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Bailey Pritchard Bailey Pritchard

Sharing God's Love with the people of Haiti