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Riding the CA coast to help the HAIGHT ASHBURY PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES and raise awareness for the importance of mental health.


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Joseph Ison

HOC for HAPS Coast Ride

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Saskia Ison

HOC for HAPS Coast Ride

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HOC for HAPS Coast Ride

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Cycling - training, riding, eating, recovering. Lots of emphasis on physical health and well being. What about mental health? More often than not, being in a happy and healthy state of mind helps us to enjoy our time on the bike (or any other physical activity for that matter) and allow for the best ride possible. I've often said that going out for a long solo ride is a form of therapy. For many people who ride bikes for hours on end, it is a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. For the past four years I have been using cycling to allow myself to think out loud and reflect on my life. It's been really helpful in that way.

How about psychotherapy? Yes, that form of therapy. No, it isn't the sexiest thing to talk about, but I have become open to therapy for myself as my wife Saskia is a Masters MFT graduate and current intern. Mental health is still something that is very much stigmatized in our society, and after learning more about this form of healing people, I am encouraged to raise more awareness around it. Having met the wonderful people that Saskia works with at her internship with Haight Ashbury Psychological Services (HAPS), I am humbled and inspired by the work they do.

The mission of HAPS is to "improve the lives of people in our community by providing low-fee psychotherapy to those in need, and education, training, and supervision to those who serve."

Not only do they provide affordable psychotherapy to those in need, but they also teach and provide invaluable guidance and trainings to interns who are on their way to becoming licensed therapists. I think that's awesome! HAPS is a non-profit organization that is looking to sustain their services for the long term, and I want to help them! I think we have all known someone who could benefit from therapy, and unfortunately many times the recommendation of seeing a therapist isn't always easy because of the stigma attached. I believe that in one way or another we could all benefit from a form of therapy.

On Friday August 15, a few friends and I will be riding our bikes from the HAPS clinic on Hayes St. down the coast to Santa Barbara IN 3 DAYS with the goal of raising money and raising awareness around the importance of mental health.

Any support and donations are appreciated! 100% of your donations will go towards sustaining the future of HAPS.

For more information, please visit: http://www.hapsclinic.org

Team Captain

Joseph Ison Joseph Ison

Lets raise awareness around our health - mental, physical, spiritual!