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Raising money to help women with childbirth complications in western Kenya.


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Beth McShane

Fundraising for Direct Relief

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Right now, 2 million women are suffering from this heartbreaking, treatable childbirth injury because they are too poor to afford surgery that costs about $450.

This number keeps growing bigger. Each year approximately 100,000 women develop this childbirth injury — or 273 each day. The international capacity to treat fistula patients has been estimated at 6,500 a year — or 18 patients each day. Surgeons would describe this as an enormous backlog of untreated patients. There is clearly an overwhelming need for treating far more women.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to be distributed through Direct Relief International in order to provide more hospital beds, help with construction costs, and to provide more surgeries for more women in the Kenya area.

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Beth McShane Beth McShane