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Hi! I am a fourth year dental student at Dalhousie University. A classmate and I successfully organized and led an outreach trip to Guatemala in February of this year. We had an incredible impact and we are dying to go back.

Our last trip was focused on relieving pain and preventing future cavities. We extracted over 550 decayed and infected teeth and performed 350 fillings and sealants. Check out our presentation at

Next year, we want to further our capacity by also creating dentures for people with no front teeth. Can you imagine being a 20 year old boy or girl with no front teeth? It is very sad, but the rural communities in Guatemala are extremely poor and most cannot even afford shoes.

A trip like ours cost between $20 - $30,000 and creates a lasting impact in these people's lives. Together, let's show the Guatemalan's that the Canadian's are still considered the most generous people in the world!

Thank you!

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