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To help the BUILDERS BEYOND BORDERS, "build a better world"


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Dear Friends and Family,

This February I will traveling to Pujujil, Guatemala with an organization called Builders Beyond Borders. While I’m in Pujujil I will performing community service to better the lives of people living in extreme poverty. We will be helping about 85 families who live below the poverty line. In Guatemala cooking indoors over an open fire is a huge problem. Around 2 million deaths occur as a result of cooking smoke and 52% of the population are effected by respiratory diseases. Open fire cooking also requirers a large amount of wood which contributes to deforestation, and increases chances of being burned. We will be joining forces with Habitat for Humanity which has a goal of providing 17,000 stoves to needy families by 2015. The stoves that we are providing can drastically reduce smoke levels in their homes, pulmonary diseases and burning accidents. Also the stoves will reduce the amount of wood used by 50%. We will be making 85 healthy stoves and 25 latrines, with help from the community. We hope to help out as much as possible and to “build a better world”.

Builders Beyond Borders does not just help out internationally, but also works to improve our own community. I have done, and will continue, to serve several hours of local community service. We have helped local such as organizations as Wakeman Town Farm and Earth Place.

Builders Beyond Borders is a non-profit organization. I am responsible for raising $2,750 to help pay for the cost of the plane and for the tools we use to improve the lives of the Guatemalan families. I am writing this letter with the hope that you will consider making a tax deductible contribution to help support my trip. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your consideration.

You can also send a check made out to Builders Beyond Borders to my address at 47 Marion Road Westport CT 06880.


Jesse Semel

Team Captain

Jesse Semel Jesse Semel

This February I will traveling to La Bota, Ecuador with an organization called Builders Beyond Borders. La Bot