Greek Alumni Network for the Alumni Gardens at Henderson-Wilder Library


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"Greek Alumni Network for the Alumni Garden at Henderson Wilder Library" a team to create a garden at Upper Iowa University.


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Matthew Beatty

F.T.F of the UIU Greek Alumni Network

$500 5


Amber Davis

Beta Theta Omega of the Greek Alumni Network

$500 7


Nicole Sharpe

Zeta Kappa Psi of the UIU Greek Alumni Network

$255 3


Naomi Aziz

Phi Beta Delta of the UIU Greek Alumni Network

$250 4


Melanie Behnke

Gamma Delta Phi of the UIU Greek Alumni Network

$192 3


Scott Richardson Jr.

Alpha Nu Omega of the UIU Greek Alumni Network

$75 4


Amanda Millard

Kappa Zeta Tau of the Greek Alumni Network

$0 1


Rosan Rai

Beta Phi Omega of the UIU Greek Alumni

$0 1


Corinne Wronski

E.Y.E of Greek Alumni Network

$0 1


Holly Johnson

General Fundraising for Alumni Gardens

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Upper Iowa University has launched a $75,000 fundraiser initiative called The Alumni Gardens at Henderson-Wilder Library. The goal is to provide funds to expand and improve the appearance of one of the most treasured and historically significant buildings here on the Fayette campus. It is an excellent opportunity to convert the iconic building into a bonafide landmark surrounded with botanical growth.

The project provides increased aesthetic and an outdoor forum for educational purposes, as it will renovate the current landscape to create a low maintenance design around Henderson-Wilder Library. The project would be an excellent opportunity for students to get some fresh air and learn outside of their classroom, thus enhancing the academic experience especially for the plant science courses.

“Students in our plant science courses will be able to learn valuable lessons about sustainability from this landscaped area, as they will see firsthand that it is possible to create a visually pleasing outdoor space that requires minimal resources to maintain,” said UIU Professor of Science, Scott Figdore.

The plant material chosen will help in our effort to incorporate a self-sustaining landscape on the campus by using plant material that grows low to the ground. Creating a landscape that is appealing outside, while still allowing natural light inside, would create a foundation in the effort to craft a campus-wide garden.

“As a UIU ‘lifer’, I am very excited to witness this collaborative project designated to re-landscape the area around the library. As educators, we sow many seeds of learning and watch our gardens grow, mature and propagate globally. We only realize our success by the return of new generations and the cycle of life regenerating. The landscape project will continue our global mission providing our students a pleasant atmosphere in which to grow and our alumni an enjoyable visit.” -Becky Wadian, Library Director.

The goal of the project is to successfully reach $75,000 to cover the cost of the landscape, labor and maintenance of the garden. Donors will be recognized in the garden, these generous contribution would truly be transformative to Upper Iowa University.

For more information contact:

Allyssa Joseph (563) 425-5954

Director of Annual Giving

Holly Johnson (563) 425-5231

Associate Vice President for Advancement

Julie Gordon (563) 425-5238

Administrative Assistant, Gift Processing/Data Management

About Upper Iowa University Founded in 1857, Upper Iowa University is a private, not-for-profit university providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs and leadership development opportunities to some 6,200 students—nationally and internationally—at its Fayette campus and learning centers worldwide. Upper Iowa University is a recognized innovator in offering accredited, quality programs through flexible, multiple delivery systems, including online and independent study. For more information, visit

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