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"Great Minds on a Mission" a team to help the THE JOE NIEKRO FOUNDATION... Spread awareness and raise funding for AVM/Aneurysm research.

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On March 8, 2013 I recieved news that would change my life. I was told that I had an AVM.... An AVM????? Okay, what is that???? A tangled mass of arteries in my brain. Alright, it can't just stay there? I mean you cant fix it? I had been having pulsing in my left ear for years and now I have to have surgery! Of course it had gotten unbearable and I couldnt sleep. So I underwent several procedures 3 embolizations and one cranitiomy by Dr. Albuqurque and Dr. Spetzler. Due to the location of my AVM it was felt that it was unsafe to proceed to completely remove my whole AVM. For that reason I had Gamma Knife radiation by Dr. Nakaji on May 09, 2013. I had to have another embolization in January 2014 and another Gamma Knife in April 2014. Gamma knife takes one to three years to cure an AVM. Please help my team raise money for AVM and aneurysm research.

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Francesca Sanchez Francesca Sanchez