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$2,870 raised of $50,000

"GrassRoots United" is a team fiscally sponsored by the Omprakash Foundation raising funds to support our sustainable disaster relief.


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GrassRoots United

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GrassRoots United

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GrassRoots United

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Brian Wolford

GrassRoots United

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Anne Palmer

GrassRoots United

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GrassRoots United

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  • Gianluca Guadagnini: Karl so you know... we will need your smile and your amazing dedication in...
    about GrassRoots United
  • Mary Lukenbill: Karl, what you are doing is so awesome. Keep up the good work.
    about GrassRoots United
  • Stacy J Simpson: Karl, you are a blessing to all those needy people. God bless you.
    about GrassRoots United
  • Julie York: Keep up the amazing work, and keep inspiring the rest of us!
    about GrassRoots United
  • Brian D Wolford:
    about GrassRoots United

GrassRoots United provides a base of operations for smaller organizations, pioneering a new model of disaster response. Your donations help communities get access to what they need to rebuild. We aim for this platform to be rapidly deployable in future disasters.

Donated funds are only used to directly help those in need, everyone is a volunteer at GRU, from the director to the new arrivals. Volunteers cover their own transportation and per diem costs, which are used to cover operating costs and employ several Haitian staff on base.

We have been able to leverage our initial investment of a combination of $30,000 with thousands of dollars of donated resources; from mobile phones to water filtration systems, agricultural materials, to our on site 20 and 60 foot Geodesic domes.

We now need your help more than ever. The fight continues- in Haiti for now- and certiainly somewhere else soon. Your support will enable us to continue deploying our resources whenever and wherever we are needed.

Team Captain

Anne Palmer Anne Palmer