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We are biking and roller blading the 35 mile journey along the Mississippi and Minneapolis Lakes to inspire people to support Dino camp!


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Mari Fitch

Mari Fitch

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  • Robin Moyer: Go, Mari!
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  • Mari Fitch: I will be rollerblading the Grand Rounds to raise money for Dinomights going...
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As DinoMights alumni, we remember our own camp experiences with great fondness. Now as the coaches and tutors we are just so excited for today's students to go to camp this summer. We really belive that Camp is one of the most important things our students get to experience at DinoMights.

DinoMights needs to raise approximately 35 camp scholarships at $300 per student this summer. We're also looking to raise a bit more for our academic day camp called Power Camp, transportation, camp supplies, and staff time. So all together DinoMights is trying to raise $16,000 for camp.

We are going to bike/roller blade the Grand Rounds in one day. The Grand Rounds is a 35 mile path that follows the Mississippi River, Minneapolis Lakes, and Parkways. It's a challenging journey and we hope it inspires you to support camp. We would love to have every mile sponsored at $20 per mile.

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Scott Harman Scott Harman

  1. Mari FitchMari Fitch 04/04/2013 at 11:54 AM ET
    Started my training yesterday! The City of Minneapolis says it is a total of 43 miles of bike trails. I don't know if the route we are taking encompasses that extremeity, but I am so excited to test my endurance, and most of all to raise money for the kids I have grown to have soo much love for this year!