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July 3-9, 2011 A team of 26 from Grace Community Church in Chelmsford MA will partner with two other churches in the area and Next Step Ministries for a week long missions trip to All Saints Camp in Nassau Bahamas.

"The All Saints Camp provides housing and healthcare to dozens of children and adults who are suffering from HIV and AIDS, but recently, a lack of support has left many of these residents living in a very unhealthy environment. Many of the small wood cabins in which they live are deteriorating and need to be repaired or completely rebuilt. The shelter's sanctuary, bathhouse, and other buildings, are also in desperate need of expansion and repair. In addition, the concrete walkway through the camp is so cracked and crumbling that many residents cannot safely leave their cabins". (taken from Next Step's website).

Our team will work on various construction projects throughout the week, everything from mixing/ laying concrete to make new sidewalks, to building new cabins, to doing repairs on already existing cabins. We will also get many opportunities throughout the week to interact with the residents that live at All Saints.

Each team member must raise $1250 each to go on this trip, it will cover airfare, costs from Next Step, food, lodging, etc. Any support is so appreciated! You can give directly on this website.

For more info, please visit:

To see photos from last year's trip:

Thank you for stopping by to learn about our trip! Come by again to see updates!

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  1. Kristine RegoKristine... 03/22/2011 at 09:07 PM ET
    We got our first donation! Wooo hoooo! Keep up the good work guys! :)