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Help raise money for OUR kids and adults in Nicaragua by running in the Baltimore Running Festival on October 15, 2011!


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Bob Bingham

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Edwin Lee

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Jessica Leonard

Jessica Leonard

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April Rose

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Melissa Allen

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Christin Hanigan

Christin Hanigan

$40 2


Meg Henry

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Brittany Kaiser

Orphan Network

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Andy Light

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Lil Gurney

Run for ORPHANetwork

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Join team GraceCity as we run in the Baltimore Running Festival on Saturday, October 15, 2011 to benefit OUR friends in Nicaragua. Our and Orphanetworks' mission is to rescue abandoned, abused, and orphaned children, and to prevent vulnerable children from being abandoned. To find out more information about ORPHANetwork, visit:

Why should you run?

◊ To help raise money for OUR kids and adults in Nicaragua (TipiTapa, El Canyon, and El Faro)

◊ To show our continued love and support for our partnership with ORPHANetwork and the kids we adore

◊ To use your talents and treasures to help others

◊ To bond together in unity for a common purpose and to have fun!

◊ To be a part of the Baltimore Running Festival

◊ To spread awareness for ORPHANetwork and the kids in Nicaragua with our friends, relatives & coworkers!

How do I sign up?

First sign up for the race ... There are various races to choose from: Fun Run, 5K, Team Relay, Half-Marathon, and Full Marathon. Registration typically fills up fast, so don't wait too long to register! Please register oline at:

All donations will go directly to GraceCity, then be remitted to ORPHANetwork.

Next register on this website. On the right, select "Fundraise" next to "Join this team." Create your website and start raising money!

What if I can't participate in the race?

You can either donate to someone else's site, or you can encourage your friends and family to support us!

What other fun incentives are there?

We are in the process of planning either a pre-race dinner the night before the race, or a post-race lunch the day of the race. We also hope to get team T-shirts or running shirts!

Thank You!!!

Team Captain

Melissa Allen Melissa Allen