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Gordon College Tennis Dominican Republic Missions Trip

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God has blessed Gordon College with the opportunity to travel in January to the Dominican Republic. We will partner with Mission Emanuel, an agency in Santo Domingo, to serve people int he region, specifically in Cielo and Nazaret. Mission Emanuel has been on the ground in the DR for over 20 years assisting local communiites in a variety of projects and community building efforts.

Eighteen Gordon Tennis players and coaches have committed to the trip. As we prepare, we hope to be surrounded by the prayers of God’s people. Would you be willing to pray for us as we prepare to serve?

A little about Mission Emanuel from their website: “This ministry, Mission Emanuel, is a remarkable partnership of Dominicans and Americans. It is a true testimony of God bringing together people from all walks of life, rich and poor, different churches, different gifts and backgrounds, all to move together in one direction to serve Christ in whatever capacity He calls us to serve. The overwhelming majority of the support work to make all this happen is through dedicated volunteers who have given countless hours behind the scenes and raise awareness of God’s work in the community.”

Our primary role will be to help with home construction, alongside Haitian and Dominican workers. We will also play games with local children and may even have the opportunity to compete with some Dominican players on the tennis courts!

May we ask you, too, to consider partnering with us financially to help us reach our fundraising goals? Our trip during winter break will involve significant costs, and we will need a lot of help to meet our goals. While the bulk of the trip budget will directly support our travel, food, and shelter, Mission Emanuel asks visiting groups to also contribute some funds to support local medical, physical therapy, and dental clinics, a women's co-op, English classes, local schools, and the continuing operation of a water purification plant that Mission Emanuel built several years ago. We trust that the Lord will provide!

Please make your check payable to Gordon College and send it in the enclosed envelope. The provided envelope must be completed and signed to qualify for a charitable receipt. Your gift is a charitable contribution and is not refundable.*

The themes for the Men’s and Women’s Tennis programs over the last few years have been servanthood, family, and being lights of the world. This trip is an opportunity to fuse those three themes as we serve God’s people, our extended family, in a different part of the world. Thank you for your support of our program and this trip.

To God be all glory, praise, and honor!

Team Captain

Catherine Teague Catherine Teague