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The cats of my (old) neighbourhood need YOUR HELP!

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Please help the cats of my (old) neighbourhood!! I would be really grateful if you did and I will owe you HUGE gratitude!! Thanks!!!


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Well, why should anyone care about the cats at my (old) neighbourhood in Heraklion Crete!!!...well....this is sort of our story....

Since 2009 I have been feeding approximately 10 (probably more :) cats on a daily basis. In June, 2010, I moved to a place approx. 10km away from my old neighbourhood. Nonetheless, I've been visiting my cats *everyday* to feed them, put water in their bowl and clean the feeding area. I leave 1kg of kibble (purina tonus chicken/turkey mixed with total alimentario's big boss cats) along with 1-1,5kg of wet food (canned (whiskas beef, gourmet gold beef, gourmet diamant beef) - raw meat (beef or chicken)). I also mix some Royal Canin Kibble (Veterinary Young Male (Neutered) (1 male is neutered and 2 females spayed), Veterinary Adult, Veterinary Growth, Outdoor) to improve the kibble's quality.

I have created a small breakdown of the cat food I feed on a monthly basis which gives me approximately 155 euros for kibble and 255 euros for wet food (without calculating the raw meat). The raw meat (with the supplemets I buy (vitamin e, fish oil, taurine, vitamin b-50 complex, calcium) and the eggs) amounts to 480 euros per month.

Why raw food? Because I cannot afford the vet and indeed I believe that "one is what one eats"...Hence, I want my cats to have the best possible diet I could offer them so as to be as healthy as possible! I want to help them help themselves as Martin Goldstein mentions in his seminal book The Nature of Animal Healing.

Well...I am very sorry to say that I am, unfortunately, not going to be able to sustain such a high cost myself for very much longer....possibly for one more month..I've spent almost all my savings....

Hence, it would be really LOVELY if anyone could be interested in helping me deal with the situation anyway she/he can!

I love those cats and want to help them as much as I can!

All the cats live in my uncle's and aunt's extended (some 150sq.meters) yard. The yard has one lemon tree, three mulberry trees (I've known those trees since my childhood), a jasmin bush and a LOT of various greenery I cannot identify...There is also a spot which most cats like that has been left unattended for years and really has grown into the best hiding place for them!...

PLEASE HELP (if you can! :)

THANKS EVER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am already really grateful that you have reached this line of text!....:))) THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. If you would like receipts of all the cat food (kibble - wet - raw) I will be buying should you help, I would be more than happy to provide them!! Thanks again!

Team Captain

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