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"Common Cupboard Golf Ambassadors" We golf, you donate, hungry families are fed! Every $20 donation feeds a family for a week!


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Ambassador Teams will make a huge difference to Common Cupboard. The way it works is a captain will put together a team as usual. But instead of paying a fee, the captain and his team will be playing for Common Cupboard. It is like a walk-a-thon, the players get sponsors from their sphere of influence to pledge financially. It is easy to do you just follow the plan we will provide. It will not take a lot of time and you will have a huge impact for Common Cupboard. The first time we used this approach was for our July 4th race and the result was that we raised enough money to 500 families for a week. That event paid for an entire month of grocery distribution.Our goal is to double that for this tournament. We are having a potential team captain meeting on Thursday evening March 13.

How do Ambassadors raise the pledges for Common Cupboard? The target is for each ambassador to contact at least 40 members of their sphere of influence through email, mail, telephone and/or personal contact. Share the story and ask for support. We provide a sample letter and scripts. We also provide through this website a way for you to make a personal page where your contacts can give online. They can make a pledge by email to your or a card we provide.

Is there a minimum amount that each ambassador is expected to raise? There is no "minimum" that the captain or his team of Ambassador have to raise (I would hope that each Ambassador could raise at least $500 and each team at least $3,000). The historic average for a golf event is $1400 per ambassador. If an Ambassador raises at least $1000 he/she will win a $100 restaurant gift certificate. There are other prizes for higher amounts raised including I pads, trips, etc. The team will also be competing for Ambassador-only prizes and contests in addition to the regular contests and prizes offered at the tournament.

As an added bonus for team captains and sponsors. Each Captain is given a free "Flag Sponsor" to be used as she/he sees fit. This can be used to promote their business as a sponsor of the event or another organization or their team. Also, we have included sponsor benefits for any business that pledges from $125 - $5000 to one of our Ambassadors. This will be explained in the captain's meeting further.

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