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Our Project // $2500 to Teach a Health Vocational Class to Burmese Migrant Students & $2500 to support Minmahaw School.

GlobeMed at Whitman funds a health vocational class at the Minmahaw Education Foundation Post-10 School. This health vocational class will be taught by Backpack Health Workers from the organization based in Mae Sot, the Backpack Health Worker Teams (BPHWT). The class will be taught for three hours, one day a week throughout the 2015 calendar year. Classes will cover first aid and CPR, sanitation and environmental health, family planning, infectious diseases, and assessing when a person should seek medical care.

This collaboration allows GlobeMed at Whitman to support the Minmahaw
Education Foundation; located in Mae Sot, Thailand, Minmahaw School
provides free education to migrant youth from Burma. Additionally, our
project helps BHM support a team of trained local medics called the
Backpack Health Worker Team (BPHWT), who provide the people of Burma with
necessary medical care. Together with the Burma Humanitarian Mission,
GlobeMed at Whitman works to provide education that empowers
independence within the ethnic communities of Burma and to greatly
increase positive health outcomes for villagers in Burma that have been displaced due to conflict, violence, and oppression from the
brutal Burma regime.

Annually, 3-5 Whitman students intern for Burma Humanitarian Mission and directly support projects on the ground along the Thai/Burma border. In the summer of 2015 four students worked under the supervision of BHM staff to undertake a media and awareness project, evaluate the health vocational class, and teach health, English, debate, and music at Minmahaw school. Throughout the course of the internship, the students were able to visit and work with Backpack Health Worker Team (BPHWT), Mae Tao Clinic, Children's Development Center, Leadership and Management Training College in Mae La refugee camp, and Minmahaw School. Not only did these interns support the important work of these organizations, they also were powerfully impacted by the issues of this region and will use their better understanding of this community to mobilize the Whitman College community.

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