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GlobeMed at Whitman College partners with Burma Humanitarian Mission to support community based health-care and education projects.


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Who we are // GlobeMed at Whitman

GlobeMed at Whitman, a chapter of the national non-profit GlobeMed, strives to educate and engage the Whitman community on issues of global health through discussions, films, and a close collaborative relationship with Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM). BHM is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower people around the world to exercise their health to advocate for a healthy, democratic and vibrant Burma where the human rights of all people are protected. By fostering an intimate partnership between Whitman students and BHM and raising money for our project with BHM, GlobeMed at Whitman aims to instill Whitman students with a sense of personal investment and efficacy in the broad fight for global health equity.

Our partner // Burma Humanitarian Mission in Salt Lake City, Utah and Mae Sot, Thailand

Burma Humanitarian Mission " supports community based health-care and education projects that improve the lives of the people of Burma. They believe in supporting the people of Burma in developing their own solutions. As such, they respond to their initiatives, providing the support they ask for. They were founded in 1999 and currently partner with the Backpack Medic Teams to train 2/3 of all new backpack medics in eastern Burma to serve over 50,000 villagers and support education efforts that touch over 500,000 lives annually."

Our Project // $6500 to Teach a Health Vocational Class to Burmese Migrant Students & $3500 to support Mobile Healthcare Clinics

GlobeMed at Whitman funds a health vocational class at the Minmahaw Education Foundation Post-10 School. This health vocational class will be taught by Backpack Health Workers from the organization based in Mae Sot, the Backpack Health Worker Teams (BPHWT). The class will be taught for one hour, twice a week throughout the 2015 calendar year. Classes will cover first aid and CPR, sanitation and environmental health, family planning, infectious diseases, and assessing when a person should seek medical care.

GlobeMed at Whitman is also funding a second project: a healthcare clinic in the Karen State of Burma through the BPHWT. Burma Humanitarian Mission currently supports more than twenty mobile clinics and GlobeMed at Whitman will be joining them in their pursuit of making healthcare accessible to the Karen people of Eastern Burma.

The course will be taught by the Backpack Medics, BHM's partner organization. The class will include topics such as first aid and CPR, sanitation and environmental health, family planning as well as infectious disease prevention. It will begin in the third term of the 2014-2015 academic year for the Minmahaw School (January-March 2015).

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