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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$7,842 raised of $1,000,000
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Working together to raise $1,000,000 seed offering to advance the gospel in India.

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Global Hope India

$1,000,000 Seed Offering Campaign

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Kevin White

Kevin White helping GHI collect a $1,000,000 Seed Offering

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Laurie Preston

$1,000,000 Seed Offering

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Renee Fincher

Renee Fincher is working to raise $1M for Global Hope India!

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We're asking 1,000 people to give a one-time gift of at least $1,000 and be apart of collecting a $1,000,000 seed offering to advance the gospel in India.

As a team member, you can help us reach the goal by setting your own personal goal of what God would enable you to collect toward the $1,000,000 seed offering.

Set your goal and invite everyone you know to pray and give as generously.

Thank you for caring and sharing.

Team Captain

Renee Fincher Renee Fincher