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Help build the Global Counter-Human Trafficking Solution Network- the first global solution network of its kind !


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Human Trafficking, in all its horrific forms, is among the most despicable scourges to humanity as well as a borderless crime to the global community.

To not only increase public awareness worldwide, but encourage the urgently required research, information gathering and sharing, training, technology and innovation that unite to combat the complexities of human trafficking, is a task far too great for any one orgnization or even an association of organizations.

Rather, a global solution network needs to be created and sustained that can effectively be coordinated to combat and ultimately eradicate human trafficking and see to making its victims whole again.

Assembling such a global solution network requires human and technological resources and functionalities to achieve worldwide coordination and collaboration , including amplifying the efforts of existing NGOs and smaller networks. Combatting human trafficking requires 21st Century tools to solve such a 21st Century global problem.

As such a global solution network has not yet been seriously attempted by NGOs working in the area of human trafficking, your support- even community level support- together we can achieve a fresh, broader level and forms of cooperation, social change, and production of public value worldwide--and more specifically, mobilize to innovatively battle one of the world's most urgent and complex problems.

How will your support be impactful?

  • funding for technologies to co-create a greater diversity of engagement options, enabling the leveraging of digital technology and further technological innovations.
  • your willingness and desire to be recognized as a significant stakeholder; even the opportunity to join a growing team of stakeholders to lend your many talents.

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