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Join Adhikaar's board members and staff as we start off the holiday season with #GivingTuesday on December 2, 2014.


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Rinchen Sherpa

Rinchen D. Sherpa - Giving Tuesday for ADHIKAAR

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Luna Ranjit

Luna's #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Telesh Lopez

Telesh Lopez #givingtuesday4adhikaar

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sandhya pradhan

Sandhya Gurung #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Shirley Lin

Support Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice

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Yangchen Dolma

Yangchen Dolma #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Raji Manjari Pokhrel

Raji Manjari Pokhrel

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sandhya pradhan

Sandhya Gurung #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Narbada Chhetri

Narbada Chhetri #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Namrata Pradhan

Namrata Pradhan #GivingTuesday4Adhikaar

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Adhikaar is the only social justice organization working with the rapidly growing Nepali-speaking community. Adhikaar is the first resource for a immigrant family when they first come to New York. Adhikaar is the community’s 311/411. Your support has made it possible for Adhikaar to grow from strength to strength for almost ten years.

In 2014, we:

- mobilized more than 100 members for the New York Domestic Workers’ Convention, 27 members for the National Domestic Workers’ Assembly; and got elected to the Board of Directors of the National Domestic Workers’ Alliance!

- rescued a trafficked domestic worker from her employers’ home in Virginia, and continued to provide social, emotional, and legal support to four other trafficking survivors.

- recovered thousands of dollars of stolen wages on behalf of our members working long hours in restaurants and domestic work.

- mobilized over 1,000 Nepali, Tibetan, and other Asian Americans for civic engagement through voter registration, phone banking, and door knocking for the mid-term elections.

- assisted over 100 uninsured individuals to navigate the new healthcare marketplace, and organized a health fair to provide basic health screening to over 65 mostly uninsured individuals.

- launched a coalition to create healthier nail salon industry in New York, and advocated for safer chemicals and stronger worker protections during the National Week of Action with nail and beauty salon workers.

With a larger team and a bigger Community Center, we are starting 2015 on an even stronger note. Please join us as we:

- build a stronger movement for workers’ rights by building worker leaders who can speak up for themselves and stand up for justice;

- expand access to healthcare by facilitating health insurance enrollment and providing free and low cost services to those who cannot get insured;

- ensure rights of immigrant communities by facilitating access to information and resources and continuing our fight for real immigration reform;

- increase civic participation by registering new voters and mobilizing voters through street outreach, phone banking and door knocking; and

- celebrate a decade of building power of an emerging community to fight for rights and justice for all. Please mark your calendars for June 4, 2015.

Team Captain

Luna Ranjit Luna Ranjit