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On Dec. 3, 2013, join in #GivingTuesday by helping fund the launch of the Boston area's first worker-owned landscaping cooperative!


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Carolyn Edsell-Vetter

Plant a Seed for A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative on #GivingTuesday

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Many of you already know about the exciting transition underway here. The workers of A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative, Inc., a group of women and Central American immigrants, have joined together to purchase the successful 25-year old company that we helped to build. In an industry where wage theft, labor law violations, and hazardous working conditions are widespread, we offer an alternative. Nearly everyone in the company, including myself and my co-CEO, Geovani Aguilar, started out working as laborers, mowing lawns or building stone walls. This experience lets us value every person’s talents, growing the company by investing in our employees.

While beautiful designs and happy customers sell our work, our success is based in continual reinvestment in outreach, community partnerships, and learning. Our workers have developed a Spanish-language training program in landscape maintenance at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, installed numerous pro bono gardens for local community groups, and developed our own set of installation standards and best practices to create a safe, productive, and profitable workplace.

Between now and Giving Tuesday, Dec 3rd, join us in achieving our vision of a successful, worker-owned cooperative whose triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet allows us to share more fully of the opportunities that we have worked for and been blessed with. Make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, the Cooperative Fund of New England, to help us build our capacity as new business-owners during this critical start-up phase.

Thanks for your generosity! A donation of any amount will show your support for worker-ownership and our cooperative values.

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Carolyn Edsell-Vetter Carolyn Edsell-Vetter

Create opportunities for right-livelihood and dignified jobs though our worker-owned cooperative.