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"Get On Board!" a team to help the MERILL COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER...


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Join the "Board of Directors" and help support the arts in the east metro area!

“We build community by providing opportunities for interaction that make arts accessible to all people.”

ONCE UPON A TIME...In 1975, Woodbury resident Marjorie Wetz started a wonderful theater guild, now named Woodbury Community Theatre. Since 1975, WCT has been entertaining audiences throughout our community and providing actors and behind-the-scenes crafts people with endless opportunities for creative expression and fun.

AND THEN...In 1995, the Woodbury Fine Arts Council was formed, soon becoming Woodbury Arts Connection. Along with many dedicated leaders, the move toward a community art center was underway, finally coming to fruition in 2005, when a new partnership was made with ISD #833 at East Ridge High School to build a mainstage and Black Box theater.

AND FINALLY...By 2012, The Merrill Community Arts Center was born, named after our major benefactor Dorothy K. Merrill, and now two locations totaling over 14,000 s.f. make it possible for our community arts organizations to "have a home of their own." THIS WAS ALL MADE POSSIBLE THANKS TO THE GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Thanks to our donors, our new facilities are connecting hundreds of great people each year, as we come together in our community to build sets, sew costumes, make props, play music, show art and perform shows. From ages 5-100, the Merrill Community Arts Center, along with Woodbury Community Theatre and other arts organizations truly living out our mission - to connect the COMMUNITY through the ARTS!

BUT WAIT...The story is not over! We need YOU to make sure our story lives on to tell for this year, and next year and the year after that. Please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to our FIRST Give To The Max Drive! YOU will write the next chapter of our story! Will it be:

  • Campaign raises $2,500 to underwrite the new ticketing system!
  • Fundraising drive raises $8,000 which will pay for a new dance and theater floor in the Suite #100 Rehearsal Center!
  • Donors give $10,000 to support 20% of the core operating needs of the Center!

Where will our story go next - thanks for contributing to our story line with your generous support!

Team Captain

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