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"Gelzer Home Repair" a team to help the REBUILDING TOGETHER BOSTON INC...


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Volunteers from Bank of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Boston Society of architects and others will come together on April 27th to rebuild the Gelzer home in Dorchester. Della, a 63 year old single woman, lives in the Dorchester home left to her and her five siblings by their mother who took in foster children and was active in her community. Della, who is the primary caretaker of the home, has lived there all of her life. Her brother, a former Marine, also lives in the home. Della suffers from seizures and back problems which are the result of injuries she suffered from her former work in the construction industry. Due to financial setbacks and illness, she has not been able to maintain the home. Della hopes that volutneers will "help the home meet my mother's worthiness once again"

Volunteers will repair windows, clean the yard, replace lattices, paint the interior and exterior, replace a basement door, weatherproof the home, repair external front steps and gutters, replace trim, remove broken cabinets, repair ceiling tiles, remove wall paneling and linoleum floors and more.

While generous corporate sponsrs have contributed to the cause, there is much work to be done. Every cent counts and we are raising funds to support all tasks for the Gelzer home. Please help us keep this famiyl safe and warm and donate what you can today! We are so appreciative of your support!

Team Captain

Kaitlin Morris Kaitlin Morris