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The location of our Gaming Center hasn't been Decided yet, but we want to keep it in the neighborhood. Ideally a shopping plaza would be a great fit for us but we want to develop on the empty lots that hasn't been utilized for many many years. We want to fill in the gaps of the city to make it whole again and bring a place where your kids and the kid inside you can have fun. We are currently working in Boston as this is our base of operations and hometown. We've notice some things over the years, we had an arcade downtown which has been closed for many years. Remember Good Times? Though not in our own town, we'd make a day of it if we went. Boston Bowl has a slither of entertainment for children and young adults in there corner of their establishment. Where's our Chuck E. Cheeses's, Discovery Zones or even a McDonald Play Place? Well we want to be the answer to those questions.

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