Gaithersburg High School "Sabor Latino" Latin Dance Team.

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The After School Dance Fund team will provide 50% additional funding on top of the total raised through this page for "Sabor Latino".

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Aranda Brown

GHS Costume Fund

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This will be the fourth consecutive appearance of Gaithersburg's "Sabor latino" at the Music Center at Strathmore representing their school at the 14th Annual MCPS Latin Dance Competition under the direction of Ms. Aranda Brown.

Please make sure that you support the students to look their best on stage this year, as the mission statement of Gaithersburg High School states that it promotes success for every student by providing an effective instructional program and educational partnerships. In a mutually respectful environment they celebrate diversity, encourage effort and support students. Students pursue rigorous academic opportunities at Gaithersburg in order to maximize potential and become self-sustaining members of society. They endorse the idea that the pursuit of excellence is fundamental and eternal. "WEPA!!!"

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After School Dance Fund/Baila4Life After School Dance Fund/Baila4Life

Promoting Health, Exercise, Cultural Awareness and Unity through Latin Dance Education.